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Petronas twin towers, Malaysia - Photo essay.

Buddhist Vihara Brickfields

Buddhist Maha Vihara at Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur - Photo essay.

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1 YongDuam, The dragon Head Rock of Jeju Island

The dragon head rock a million years old rock formation in Jeju Island, South korea

photo-tour Jeju Island

2 El Alcazar in Toledo

El Alcazar, fortified palace of Toledo, Spain.

photo-tour Toledo, Spain

3 The Great Buddha of Lingshan

The Great Buddha of Lingshan in thousand years old Xiangfu Monastery

photo-tour Jiangnan, China

4 KLCC night sence

Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur City Center, Malaysia.

photo essay on KLCC and Petronas twin towers.

5 Shanghai night sence

Night scene of Orient Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai, China

photo-tour Shanghai, China

6 Keukenhof

Row of old tree at Keukenhof park

photo-tour Keukenhof Park, lisse, Holland

7 Mezquita

The Mezquita or the old Mosque of cordoba, spain

photo-tour Mezquita The Old Mosque of Cordoba, Spain

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A 35mm film camera that does digital!
Most SLR users build up their SLR camera system over a period of months or years to spread over the cost of acquisition. Owning a good SLR system is not cheap by any means and it depends on your type of photography and requirements. The advances in digital photography is making many of this priced possession obsolete overnight. wink However, if you own a Leica R-8 or R-9 35mm SLR system with an arsenal of Leica lenses your collections just got a new boost with a new module from Leica.

Leica is demonstrating their Leica Digital-Modul-R in PMA 2005 and schedule to be released in April 2005 though this product was announced earlier in June 2003. Technically this is a digital camera back that fits on the regular Leica R-8 or R-9 film camera thus changes the standard 35mm R-8 or R-9 into a digital SLR. It comes with a 10 megalpixels image Sensor CCD with an active sensor area of 26.4 x 17.6 mm or 3872 x 2576 pixels. All Leica lenses in the R system can be used for this conversion so this is good news for Leica owners in value retention.coolio For more info check out LEICA DIGITAL-MODUL-R on Leica camera website.

For the average amateur photographers and beginners don't hold your breath on this product, unless you have a lot of cash to spare. The price of the module alone is more than enough for you to acquire a professional digital SLR system from most Japanese camera manufacturers! whistle
10 Mar 2005 08:22 pm by tea-fan

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