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Random Murphy's laws on The Fun page with simple online games and Javascript Games

The Fun page


Here are some simple games that will ease your mind and help you to relax, so take a break, relax and have fun. Thanks to the many programmers who allow these games to be played FOC.

Random Murphy's Law

We also have Random Murphy's law on this page to entertain you, or help you find reasons and excuses when something unexpected crops up or when things go wrong.

No one really knows who is the real Mr. Murphy. There are many versions of who he was, some said he was Capt Edward Murphy an engineer of the US Air Force, some said he was a careless Irish man. Incidentally Murphy is an Irish name! Another one said he was Commander J Murphy of the US navy.

I like that someone who said "It is important to note that Murphy's Law was not actually coined by Murphy, but by another man of the same name."

Random Murphy's Laws

Javascript Games

The Towers of Hanoi Games
The classic memory game of concentration
Psychic Test

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