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 Fresh sea cucumber - raw sea food of Chejudo

5 of 23 of Jeju Island - Island of the Gods of South Korea

Fresh sea cucumber - raw sea food of Chejudo click for next photo
"Open-air Sea Food Restaurant"
Fresh octopus raw sea food of Jeju
5. These are fresh sea cucumbers - look appetising to you? Brave enough to sample some fresh ones? You are supposed to eat them fresh from the sea in Jeju Island. That means eating it alive and wriggling!

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Introduction to Jeju Island - Island of the gods of South Korea

  1. Yongduam; The symbol and logo of Jeju Island
  2. Yongduam; The Dragon Head Rock in Jeju - The Island of gods
  3. Cheju Haenyo selling fresh sea food near Yangduam, Jeju City
  4. Open-air fresh Sea Food Restaurant, Jeju City
  5. Fresh sea cucumber - raw sea food from Chejudo
  6. Fresh raw octopus - raw sea food from Chejudo
  7. Tamla Mok Sok Won - The Garden of Wood and Rock Formation, Jeju Island
  8. Natural rock sculpture of mother ape in Mok Seok Won
  9. Relaxing area in Tamla Mok Seog Won, Chejudo
  10. Tolharubang, guardian deities and great grandfather of Chejudo
  11. Seongeup Folk Village a living folk village, Jeju Island
  12. Traditional architecture of Seongup Folk Village, Chejudo
  13. Basalt rock brick of Seongup Folk Village, Jeju Island
  14. Traditional Jeju folk home with bright yellow rape flower garden
  15. Dokebi Road. Mysterious Road or Ghost Road on Jeju Island
  16. Scenic Cascading waterway near Cheongjiyeon Waterfall, Chejudo
  17. Mirror-image scene of the path leading to Cheongjiyeon Waterfall
  18. Cheongjiyeon Waterfall on Jeju - The Island of Gods
  19. Seongsan mountain view from the west on Jeju Island
  20. Seongsan Ilchulbang a 89metre climb on Chejudo
  21. Seongsan village and Seongsan peninsula view from Seongsan Ilchulbang
  22. Udo Island view from east of Seongsan Ilchulbong on Jeju Island
  23. Panorama of Seongsan Ilchulbong crater on Jeju -The Island of Gods.

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