Photo Essay and Panorama on Buddhist Maha Vihara.

Panorama view of Buddhist Maha Vihara

Buddhist Maha Vihara, Brickfields Kuala Lumpur
"Though one may conquer
a thousand times a thousand men in battle
yet he indeed is the noblest victor
who conquers himself."

Dhammapada 103
"Overcome the anger by non-anger;
overcome the wicked by goodness;
overcome the miser by generosity;
overcome the liar by truth."

Dhammapada 223
"A fool who knows his foolishness
is wise at least to that extent,
but a fool who thinks himself wise
is called a fool indeed."

Dhammapada 63
"Easy to do are things
that are bad and harmful to oneself.
But exceedingly difficult to do are things
that are good and beneficial.

Dhammapada 163
"Not by passing arbitary judgements
does a man become just;
a wise man is he who
investigates both right and wrong."

Dhammapada 276
"The man of little learning
grow old like a bull
he grows only in bulk, but,
his wisdom does not grow."

Dhammapada 152

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